Main Boxing Betting Strategies

As a sport for betting, boxing is somewhat reminiscent of tennis. Boxing is not a team sport. Here you do not need to collect information about a dozen players for each match - just get acquainted with the available data on two opponents. Most top-level fights are covered in the media. There you can find comprehensive information about the life, behavior and training of boxers. As in other sports, several strategies have been developed for boxing bets you can use as well as Some of them work with various disciplines, others are created exclusively for boxing. Let's analyze the main boxing betting strategies in more detail.

The Best Boxing Betting Strategies

  • Round winner bets

    One of the most popular bets is on the winner of the round. Here you need to study the athletes and watch the match in real time. If a boxer loses the first round on points, but looks fresher than the opponent, he may well give everything in the next rounds. One of the interesting bets is on the winning round. The player must guess in which round the battle will end.

  • Early Victory Betting

    Before you bet on an early victory, you need to study the statistics. This will help to understand whether the boxer is inclined to end the fight before the end of all planned rounds. An early victory can be in the event of a knockout, disqualification of one of the boxers or both, refusal to continue the match, or a judicial decision. When betting on an early victory, several factors must be taken into account: The lighter the weight, the lower the chance of knockout. But disqualification or violation is always possible. Active style boxers win early more often than athletes who prefer to work in the clinch.

  • Knockout win bets

    Knockout win betting is a type of early victory bet. The player must predict not only an early victory of the boxer, but also that it will be won by knockout, and not by a court decision, violation of the rules or refusal to continue the fight.

  • Match Victory Betting

    The most common type of bet is betting on winning the match. All that is required of the player is to predict the winner of the match. It doesn’t matter how the boxer triumphs - by judgment, by knockout, on points. It doesn't matter in which round. In theory, a player has three options for the main outcomes: victory of the first athlete, second or draw.