Nuru massage and how you too can get pretty good at it

Did the concept of a nuru massage pique your curiosity? No wonder if it did – this procedure did indeed sweep the world for a reason. In case you’re not sure what we’re talking about, nuru is a Japanese erotic treatment, consisting of a close body to body contact between the masseuse and her client, made easier with the use of a special nuru gel. Sounds complicated? While truly mastering this craft takes a long time (as does the mastering of any craft), there are ways you too can become somewhat proficient at delivering it at home to your partner. This is how…

Nuru massage requires the correct ingredient

If you’re serious about this, you’re going to need some proper ingredients at first. The most important thing being, of course, the fabled nuru gel. Forget all those massaging oils, we’re talking about something completely different here. This particular substance that makes or breaks the whole massage has a somewhat different quality to it. Made from a nori seaweed, the gel itself has no colour, taste or odour. It leaves no stains, although it is, of course, not advisable to spill it around. Which is why you’ll need some protective sheets, or even a special massaging mattress if you’d like to try this thing at your own home.

Preparing this gel depends on the form in which you’ve bought it. It might come as powder, which you’ll need to mix with water, or it could come straight in a gel form. You’ll have to slightly warm it up – but don’t boil it! About 40-50 °C is about the ideal temperature your gel should have before being applied to your bodies.

Setting the mood is no less important

There should be a sufficiently comfy and sumptuous atmosphere wherever you decide to provide this rubdown. Choose a warm, spacious and private room - obviously, most people choose their own bedroom. Put on some relaxing music that you both like, light up some aromatic candles, and get creative in how you’d like to decorate the room. Some people go as far as scattering rose petals over the place! It’s all up to you, really.

Remember, you should always take a shower before you start. Its purpose is not only to clean you, but also to relax you and both literally and symbolically clean you from dirt both physical and emotional. After that, you’re all set to start!

Time to get things rolling!

  • Unless you’re using a special mattress, cover your bed in protective massage sheets, since things can get a little bit messy.
  • Cover your whole body with the warm gel, then do the same to your partner.
  • Get your partner to lie on his stomach and start gently massaging his back and shoulders with your hands. After that, climb on his back and start to gently slide up and down his body, first with your chest, then with your pelvis.
  • Next, get him to turn around and repeat the whole process on the front. Incorporate stimulating the penis and erogenous zones to maximise the pleasure. Keep it slow and gentle though, the point is not to rush to orgasm right away, but to delay it and prolong the arousal.
  • Keep communicating with each other about what feels good. A proper communication is crucial to one’s intimate life.
  • In a professional setting, the thing culminates with a “happy ending”, but you and your partner can finish it with a good old fashioned sex, if you’d like to.

Remember, if you’re not too confident about it at first, why don’t you and your partner try to undergo the procedure at a professional parlour to get a gist of it? You can’t really go wrong with that! And once you start at home, practice often and the results will get so much better – this applies to just about everything.

Are there any other erotic techniques with which you’d like to spice up your intimate life? What are those? What do you think is a great way of setting a sensual mood?