Why Here, Why Now?

First, I do not make any money on this site. We refuse to accept 3rd party donations because it is deceptive advertising to suggest to you that your donation will change the system. So why here, and why now?

I hear consistently from average Americans that average Americans have better ideas than our leaders in Washington. I built this website to give those people an opportunity to put action into their words.

I picked the issue of Social Security for three reasons:

  • First, I believe that Washington’s focus on short-term objectives has led to misguided policies that will ultimately create a long-term crisis in Social Security.
  • Second, these policies give the ‘public at-large’ the best opportunity to create clear separation with the ‘professional politicians’.  DC's plan is Pay More, Get Less. If average Americans can’t do better than that, we need to stop claiming that we can.
  • Most important, I worry about the people who depend upon this system. Social Security is different because the system serves an audience that doesn’t adapt well to change. If the government does not bail-out the bankers in 2008, these people would adapt, and evolve into something else. If a crisis develops within Social Security, the aged and disabled cannot adapt as well.

Washington has said that the only two solutions are raising taxes and cutting benefits. That isn’t fixing Social Security. It is paying for it.