User Solutions


We listen.  This is a forum of ideas submitted by our user community.   If you would like to send us your ideas, please send them to Contact@FixSSNow.Org.  AND please include a statement that we can use your real name.

Increase Productivity
The gist of the email was it is possible to increase the productivity of workers, where 1 worker does the work of 2. As such, wages rise.Rating: A- The email was very sensible, but really lacked details on how to increase productivity. It gets an A because it gets to the root of the problem without increasing taxes or decreasing benefits. 
Reduce Estate Tax Exemption By The Amount Paid In Social Security Benefits
The gist of the argument which was that Social Security shouldn't fund the estates of the very rich.Rating: B+ We don't have sufficient detail about the implementation of the idea to give it a better rating. 
Reduce Survivor Benefits
The user asked, Exactly how much did Anna Nicole Smith get in Social Security benefits.Rating: B- We don't know what the cuts were or how much they would save, but the email did make us laugh. (Anna Nicole Smith didn’t get any survivors benefits but she would have been entitled to collect starting at age 60.) 
Sell Assets Like The Post Office To Increase Funding
The gist of the argument is that the government has idle assets which could be sold to increase the amount of what is held in the Trust. The argument also included things that aren't idle like offshore oil reserves.Rating: D Selling assets is an interim solution at best, at worst it postpones the problem until we are even less equiped to deal with the challenges. 
A National Lottery
No explanation needed.Rating: F Lotteries are a tax on stupidity.