Trump's site does not even list Social Security as an issue.  His quotes on the issue seem to confuse billions of dollars of solution with trillions of dollars of problems.  He seems to promote doing nothing.  At the GOP debate in Miami, Trump said "We're going to get rid of waste, fraud, abuse, and bring back business".

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget provides detailed analysis on the question of waste, fraud, abuse.  It is our opinion that CRFB used generous estimates to put Trump's proposal in the absolute best light so that readers could see how little it does.   

In order to keep Social Security on track to pay scheduled benefits, Social Security would need roughly 160 billion in incremental revenue from jobs.  That is about 40 million jobs.


“We’re going to take jobs back from all these countries that have been ripping us off, and we’re going to become a wealthy country again,” Trump responded. “And we’re going to be able to save your Social Security.”" 

This simply is not serious.