Opposing Views

We invite opposing views  

Opposing views are the way we update the site.

Economics is a soft science.  There isn't a clear cut right and wrong, and this leaves a considerable room for disagreement.  We actively pursue the questions that we receive from the community.  We welcome feedback of all kinds because that is how our site grows.  There will be times when we agree to disagree.   In which case, we will provide both sides of the story.

This section provides all of the cases where people have questioned our commentary or facts.  Most frequently the disagreement centers on the context of the fact.  Our analysis treats Social Security as an open-system, where as most experts look at it as a closed system.  We tell you both sides, and you can be the judge.

Questioning Facts


Our footnotes can be found here (Link).  If you can't find a source for information that we have cited, please let us know so that we can update our footnotes page.

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