Spend Less/Make More
In·no·va·tion, noun,(/inəˈvâSHən/)

1.A new method, idea, product, etc

2.Improving an existing method, idea, product, etc

The goal of this page is to create a departure from the false dichotomy that either increasing taxes or cutting benefits will fix Social Security.  Throwing money at the problem will not work.

We provide an example that shows how to improve Social Security without higher taxes, no lower benefits, and without privatization.  "Our Plan" doesn't change Social Security.  It simply makes it run more efficiently.  The example introduces a wider range of choices that COST LESS to deliver.   It also allows the Trust Fund to invest money in more productive assets without the risk of direct market investments.  In short, the solution is simple and proven: Spend Less, Make More.  This concept has worked for businesses for thousands of companies over hundreds of years.

Our Plan Is An Example Not A Plan:

The document outlines an approach make Social Security better.  It is not a plan.  It is a start, not an end.  This approach takes Social Security from a one-size fits all to a two-size fits all.  We don't show more solutions, but Social Secuirty needs to be a many sizes, many colors, and many styles fits all model.