How You Can Help

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 Our goal on this site is to create viral hope.  The problems with Social Security are challenging, but we want you to leave this site with the firm belief that there are solutions.  People don't want to talk about Social Security because they have been conditioned to believe that there are only two solutions: Raise taxes and cut benefits.  We believe that innovation is the answer.  We can create the hope, only you can carry the message.   

Join Facebook
The best way to show support for Social Security reform is to join our Facebook community, where we can keep you up to date on changes to the system. You can participate in discussions, and share your thoughts with other people concerned about the subject.

Email 10 People And Call 5 More
If this issue is important to you, you should share it with your friends. We are different. We offer people a new choice in the debate and try to avoid the polarization that is popular in today’s politics. We listen, and attempt to foster an ideology neutral discussion.

Make Social Security a Voting Priority
Call your Congressman, but more importantly make a commitment to vote only for people who are willing to talk about the subject.

We Cannot Accept Financial Donations
We accept no third party donations because it is deceptive to tell you that your donation will make a difference. The only thing that will change this system is the relentless demand of voters. We always welcome any creative help on the website or our ad campaigns. Please contact us at Contact@FixSSNow.Org.