Facts Vs. Myths

Summary – Progress Stalemated By Myth
Social Security Having To Be Fixed Is Not A Myth

Social Security is certainly part of America’s financial challenges, and it will be impossible to fix them without including Social Security in the discussion. Thus far, the discussion is stalemated in the myths have risen around the system and particularly the Trust Fund. It will be impossible to find a solution when the debate moves outside the boundaries of reality.

Politicians Are Responsible For Many of These Myths

Politicians of both parties are responsible for the myths, and generally feel free to perpetuate myths for their own political agenda. For example, one side will tell you that Social Security is fully-funded while the other will tell you that the system is bankrupt. We attempt to break up these myths into supporters and reformers so that you can see the willingness of politicians to use the system for political advantage. Most of these myths are designed to sell books, or buy votes. We give you 5 examples of people who are perpetuating the myths so that you can see them in action.

Both Sides of the Story

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