Current Challenges

Washington Says That Social Security Is Safe...

Washington has no plan. Washington can’t even agree that there is a problem. One party says that it may be a problem in 20 years, and the other says that it will be a problem in 20 years. Just like in financial crisis, the experts in Washington have missed the events which are shaping the system.

Deceptive Solutions

Washington puts all of its solutions in terms of 75 year solvency.  The reason is simple.  It makes the problem look smaller and very far away.  Here is the difference between 'Fixed' and 'Solvent'.  Fixed means you have no problem.  Solvent is the cost to make our problem a problem for our children.

Here are the real problems:

The Deficit

The relationship between the national debt and Social Security is very simple. As income taxes increase to support the debt, the ability of Americans to pay payroll taxes goes down.


American workers do not make too much. They cost too much. Payroll taxes add 15.3% to the cost to hire American workers. This makes our products cost more, and our goods less competitive in the world markets.


The cost of Social Security to the average American is more than $500,000, which is more than sufficient to provide an income check above the poverty line. This figure is what Americans would have had saved if they had invested their Social Security contributions instead of putting them into a system which may not even be there for them.