Are You Serious About Social Security Reform

by JoeTheEconomist November 10, 2011 4:33 AM

I get a fair amount of email from people who have worked tirelessly on the issue of Social Security.  And they are frankly discouraged.  They have written letters, travelled to DC, published reasoned articles, and poured untold hours of effort into the cause.  The grand sum of their efforts is a form letter from a Congressman.  

If entitlement reform is important to you, the first thing you have to do is realize that you aren’t alone.  When you look at polls of Americans, roughly 80% believe that the system is heading for a crisis without a major reform.  Given that there are roughly 150 million voters in America, there are roughly 120 million people who think like you do.  You can’t throw rice at a wedding without hitting five people who think that the system is broken.

How is it that 120 million people want the system changed, and the politicians do nothing?  The answer is pretty simple.  The 120 million people aren’t organized.  Congress is willing to shutdown every American business because a handful of people who want to protect a animal with a name that they can’t pronounce.  Why is Congress so responsive to a vocal minority, and completely clueless on the issue of Social Security? 

The fact is that Congress is much more attuned to 500 organized people than the interests of 120 million individuals.  This may be the outcome that the media is much more attuned to an organization than an individual.  The only way that you will achieve any success in Entitlement Reform is to organize with like minded people.

The best place to organize is internet which is fully loaded with social media.  Sites, such as Facebook or GooglePlus, allow you to search for groups.  You should sign-up for as many groups as you can.  As you join more groups, the chance that you will connect with one that is successful increases.  You want to connect with as many people as possible, and suggest that they contact as many people as possible.

In terms of Fix Social Security Now, we have multiple Facebook pages and a number of groups on politically active sites.  We encourage people to join our community on Facebook.  We encourage them to start new efforts.  We would be only too happy to fold our page into a more successful page.   

We encourage people to take our logo as their profile picture.  The point here is that you want people to see and think about Social Security reform every day in forums across the political spectrum.   You want the visible presence to get new users to ask about the cause, and for existing members to see that they are not alone.  You want staffers, lobbyists, and Congressman to know that you are organized. 

If you are going to lobby Congress, your members have to adhere to the same script.  If 10,000 people call to support Social Security Reform, it is 10,000 calls.  If 10,000 people call and say the exact same words, it is an organization.  One is heard and the other is just 10,000 calls.

It is not enough to tell your kids that you wanted Social Security Reform.  You need to show them that you did something about it.


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