How Anonymous Prepaid Card Turns You in a Target

Most prepaid anonymous cards follow the basic international KYS policies. It means that nobody can find you. At least, this is what you might be thinking. In reality, there are some nuances of your anonymous card that you should be careful with.

Possible Risks to Be Aware of

The major subject of discussion in terms of an anonymous form of payment is possible laundering through anonymous payments mechanisms. A no-name prepaid offshore card happens to be a good example. To get a better understanding of this subject matter, check the possible risks.

  • You’re Not a Tourist. Tourists often use prepaid cards with no name when they travel abroad. These cards can be easily marketed as a safe and cheaper alternative to regular debit and credit cards. While tourists don’t stay on the same place for more than several weeks, the same anonymous prepaid cards shouldn’t be used over and over again.
  • You tend to have some habits. One way users of prepaid cards are detected because they stick to a standard pattern that turns into a habit. By applying the same card in the same location, you can be easily tracked. Even if you travel a bit to get to a faraway ATM, you don’t leave the area anyway.
  • Someone is watching you. All ATMs are equipped with cameras, so you won’t be able to hide your face. Wearing a Guy Fawkes mask can hardly be a reasonable solution. There is no need to say that doing so you will look very suspicious before you even approach the ATM.

In winter, it might be enough to wear a scarf covering your face while you reach one of the local ATMs. But still it doesn’t look like a reasonable option for keeping your identity hidden from the third parties.

What is the Actual Risk?

If you are applying your prepaid card for payment purposes, you will not be of any interest to authorities. The possible risks related to the use of a regular card are not that high.

It is also worth saying that most FIUs, tax offices, and similar competent bodies already have more than several years of experience in the sphere of backlog, turning small fish into unlikely targets. Still, you can make your life easier by making sure that all your actions are legal and compliant with tax codes.

While this article is not intended to state that anonymous cards are insecure and useless. They can sort out some things occasionally. At the same time, they cannot be viewed as a universal solution to all your problems in terms of online payments.