One Philanthropist Makes Many: How Bulat Utemuratov inspires good deeds

It seems that any company somehow associated with well-known philanthropist and entrepreneur Bulat Utemuratov becomes a good example of socially responsible business. While the charity activities of the richest man in Kazakhstan cover a wide variety of areas, from sports to disabled children, companies Bulat Utemuratov invests in, take up the lead.

For example, the gold mining company RG Gold also positions itself as a socially-oriented company. "We are creating better working conditions for our employees, favorable living conditions, labor practices and leisure facilities, and we are also helping those regions we work in," says Serik Syzdykov, General Director of RG Gold. For example, within the program of social responsibility RG Gold renovated and equipped schools in the villages of Uspeno-Yuryevka and Nikolaevka in Burabay district of Akmola region.

"We undertook a commitment to help two local schools. We performed major renovations, provided equipment. We spent 110 million tenge on the project. These are not our only social projects, but it was a target program,"the head of the company shared.

Along with this sponsor support to locals, the company continues working on the improvement of the territory of its enterprise campus. Currently, the company employs 540 qualified professionals. In connection with the future expansion of the company, their number will increase to 700 people. The average salary of the company’s employees is 170 thousand tenge, while the average age is 35-40 years. From the moment the company acquired the deposit, it has constructed several residential complexes with rooms for two and four people, as well as rest rooms, sports grounds, an eating house and so on. Now the territory is being improved.

Currently, RG Gold mines gold within the North and South Raygorodok fields on the Novodneprovskaya contract territory with the total area of about 68 square kilometers. The gold deposits are located in the region with developed infrastructure in close proximity of the largest gold deposits in Kazakhstan. RG Gold processes oxidized ores by heap leaching, producing about 1 ton of gold annually. Having the only shareholder represented by the Verny Capital investment company, RG Gold finances its activities and carries out geological exploration from its own profit.