A Note From Gen-No On Inter-Generational Tension

by Guest_Post January 25, 2012 8:12 AM

Author: Colin Smith, in an email regarding commentary on inter-generational tension

My parents' generation gave us everything on a silver platter, but Washington sold the entire country out over the last 100 years. So now a lot of people in my generation are still a strain on their parents financially with un/underemployment.

How are people in that generation going to react when that trend continues AND conservatives in my generation start saying we should phase out social security? Many of them will get sick and tired of being told to put THEIR American dreams on hold for the next generation, like they had to when my great-grandparents and grandparents let us all down politically.

My extremely selfish, narcissistic generation is being asked to sacrifice for the future now. I don't know if we're capable, frankly, because many of us were never taught what really matters.

You want to fix social security? Start teaching people that loving capitalism has nothing to do with loving all the "stuff'. It's not about "stuff" or how much of it you can get. It's about how best you can serve your fellow man, so that you can accumulate wealth and give back to God, country, family, friends, and the least of society (most of all). That will fix the attitude, and social security is an attitude problem.


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